Sandfields Presbyterian Church is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus with the people of Sandfields, Port Talbot and abroad.

It is possible to know God personally; his love and blessings in this life and eternally through the Lord Jesus. Many people’s lives have been transformed since coming to know and love Jesus and it is our privilege to pass on what we know concerning this good news.

We are convinced that the Lord of all creation has a plan and a purpose for each person and all who call on his name will be saved.

Please feel free to email, or call in when the shutter is up. It’s always good to stop for a coffee so please do come by even just for a chat. For any advice on things more of a delicate nature, send an email and I’ll be pleased to set time aside to listen and advise. SPC have many links with other Christian organisations who deal with specific needs such as life-controlling issues, addiction advice, women’s refuges, help with getting back to work, budgeting advice including cooking on a budget, parenting & marriage courses and confidential one to one counselling.

The church has been here on the estate since the late 1950’s and has always endeavoured to show the love and kindness of the Saviour to all. Jesus is interested in all people no matter what.

Sandfields Presbyterian Church; On the estate, For the estate.